The Wayfinders

A year-long mentorship program for scholar-activists to build liberatory bodies of work while centering rest and joy.

$1,000/month x 12 months
Coming soon in September 2021.

We create knowledge that transforms the world.

But the very oppressive systems we seek to dismantle are killing us.

Academia is structured through the imperialist white supremacist capitalist cis-heteropatriarchy. It dehumanizes us — denying our knowledge, truth, rest, and joy — while maintaining unsustainable cultures of individualism, violence, and overwork.

In the words of Audre Lorde,

“We were never meant to survive.”

Wayfinders is my vision for our survival, solidarity, and sovereignty.

My mentorship program supports scholar-activists to generate liberatory bodies of knowledge and create social change.

It does this via a revolutionary feminist framework through which we decolonize our minds, develop solidaristic connections, and nurture radical self-care.

I wish for Wayfinders to serve as your place to be seen, to be heard, and to heal.

Let’s build our community and raise our collective power.

You do not have to compromise your principles, sacrifice your health, or chase white middle-class able-bodied cis-het masculinist ideals.

Through our work together, you’ll follow your own North Star to develop an exquisitely meaningful body of work. (I’ll support you to bring forth any project you desire, whether that’s a book, a set of journal articles, or even a blog.)

Over the year, you’ll never hear me demand that you ‘lean in’, ‘be resilient’, or trade sleep for work. We’re not here to play the game. We’re here to change the world.

The Program

Over our 12 months together we will meet for monthly one-on-one sessions and fortnightly in an intimate group setting via Zoom.

I’ll support you to develop a concrete body of work (whether that be a book, a set of journal articles, or anything else you desire). We’ll develop a tailor-made plan to achieve your goals without sacrificing your body, heart, and soul to neoliberal capitalism.


Stella Polaris

We celebrate you joining the program with a 90-minute radical dreaming session where we’ll crystallize your vision for your scholar-activism and pinpoint the body of work you’ll be developing over our next year together.



We will begin decolonizing our minds, interrogating how cultures of oppression have shaped our work and our lives. We’ll build a plan for your liberatory project built around the non-negotiables of your rest and joy.



















Meet your mentor

I’m Helena Liu (she/her). I’m an intersectional feminist theorist and educator with 13 years of experience researching and teaching social justice.

As your thought partner, I understand the value of intellectual rigor, editorial discernment, and feminist communitarian ethics, and I’ll support you to cultivate all three in your work.

I’ll be a friend and confidante who desires your survival and success, helping you make sense of the pitfalls and challenges within the white patriarchal academe.

Helena Liu, the creator of this blog, stands in a forest in a coral dress ready to fight for social justice

We can transform the pain and loneliness of existing in the margins into our empowerment, creating spaces where we can find our own ways to truth.

Your questions

Not at all. While my experience as an academic makes me particularly well-versed in navigating this industry, I passionately believe that you don’t have to have formal education to be a scholar-activist. I’m here to support anyone who wants to generate liberatory knowledge and we can tailor what that knowledge looks like for you (whether that be a book, a blog, or an Instagram account).

Yes, scholarships are available for precarious workers and full-time activists. Please email me at to check the availability. Priority will be given to Black and Indigenous folx.

Join the Waitlist

Wayfinders is $1,000 a month for one year. We start September 7, 2021. If you’re interested in being a part of the inaugural group, please subscribe to be notified when applications open.