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Wayfinders Scholarships

In 2022, there will be up to 2 scholarship positions available inside Wayfinders.

This post offers a brief overview of Wayfinders and explains who the scholarships are for and how to apply.

Please read this post carefully to self-assess your eligibility and fit before submitting your application.

What is Wayfinders?

Wayfinders is my year-long mentorship program for scholar-activists to bring forth liberatory knowledge while centering rest and joy.

The program involves monthly 1:1 meetings with me and weekly group mentoring sessions and co-working sessions. The participants are hand-picked for fit and capped at 10 so that we can co-create an intimate and nourishing community.

I facilitate this program myself and it is not associated with a university.

It is entirely funded by paying clients. I do not receive any external funding to supplement the scholarships so I need to set boundaries around what I’m able to offer while adequately resourcing myself and my family.

Scholarship Positions

Financial accessibility is important to me and I appreciate that some of the people who would benefit the most from my mentorship program cannot enroll due to financial hardship.

In 2022, there will be up to 2 scholarships available.

Please read on to self-assess your eligibility and fit for a Wayfinders scholarship.

Scholarship applications will open in June 2022.

Eligibility Criteria

The Wayfinders scholarship is designed to accommodate a scholar-activist with financial hardships that indefinitely prevent them from enrolling in the program.

I do not expect you to present me with evidence of your oppression or verification of your income. I trust you to be honest and apply from a place of genuine need.

You’re eligible for the scholarship if you:

  • are a resident of the Global South,
  • are a long-term precarious worker (e.g., zero-hour contract casuals),
  • are a full-time activist, and/or
  • have significant debt and experience instability with housing and food.

Please consider making space for someone else to benefit from the scholarship if you reside in the Global North and have racial, gender, or class privilege.

This may include people who are currently unemployed or engaged in volunteer/casual/part-time work by choice, such as if they are undertaking full-time study or building a business with the expectation of increasing their earning power.

I ask that you critically consider if your current position is a choice.

For example, when I undertook my PhD at 22, I had a $200,000 mortgage, $25,000 in student debt, and I was earning between $20,000–30,000 a year working as a casual tutor. And this was my choice. I anticipated that when I graduated, I’d apply for full-time ongoing academic roles and significantly increase my earning power. I understood my disadvantaged position was likely temporary and I was not trapped in my position due to long-term, systemic oppression.

If you’re in a similar position to where I was in my PhD, and you love the sound of Wayfinders, I ask that you wait until you’re in a financially secure position to join rather than apply for a scholarship.

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter where you’ll receive resources to support your scholar-activism and hear about free workshops and trainings I run throughout the year.

Flexible Payment Plans

If the cost of Wayfinders is a stretch, but you think you could make it work, please reach out to me via and let me know what payment plan you need (the answer will probably be yes).

Application Form

Scholarship applications will open in June 2022.

Review Process

The scholarship applications will be reviewed by a panel by August 31.

They will conduct an initial screening to check that the application meets the criteria.

They will also review your responses for fit, including whether:

  • I have the skills and expertise to help you with your project, and
  • Your project aligns with the other participants in the program.

They will let you know the outcome of your application via email after their review.

Learn More

Why Academic Mentoring Costs Money

Some of my languaging around scholarship eligibility is adapted from Alexis J. Cunningfolk of Worts + Cunning. I highly recommend reviewing their thoughtful post around sliding scale offerings to understand economic equity and small business pricing.

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