My Values

I stand for…

Revolutionary feminism. I use the qualifier ‘revolutionary’ to represent the grassroots, philosophically rigorous, radically anti-racist, socialist, queer praxis of feminism committed to dismantling the interlocking systems of imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist, casteist, cisnormative, heteronormative, patriarchal, ableist oppression in our world.

I’m not interested in white liberal feminism that pays lip service to wishy-washy values of ‘diversity and inclusion’, while exerting harm on people of color, Indigenous and First Nations peoples, global majority people, poor folks, trans folks, queer folks, Dalits, and disabled folks.

I’m also not interested in the racial bourgeoisie that believes light-skinned people of color can get rich and buy our way out of systemic injustice.

I believe all bodies should be cherished. I don’t work with people who promote diet culture.

I believe that I should be hard on systems and soft on people. I try to hold people’s fear and shame with compassion. I also enforce loving boundaries for myself and do not tolerate harassment and bullying.

I don’t play respectability politics. I don’t believe that we can liberate ourselves from oppressive systems by genuflecting to the dominators and making ourselves small, soft, pleasant, palatable. I honor the beauty and power of anger as the appropriate response to injustice.

In my business practices, I reject capitalistic logics of extraction and exploitation. I invest in marginalized folks wherever possible and when I hire contractors/employees, I pay them a living wage. One in five of the seats in my program are scholarship, trade, or pay-what-you-can arrangements. I don’t add penalties for those who access my payment plans. I vehemently renounce manipulative marketing tactics such as creating false scarcity or triggering pain points to sell. I’m proud to pay my taxes and distribute my wealth. I tithe 5% of my income to charitable and activist organizations.

I wish for us to remake the world on the foundations of justice and love.

Please note that this is a living document. As Wayfinders grows, I aim to revise my commitments and continually raise the ethical standards of my work.