Pale full moon appears beyond dark red branches on an eerie blue sky

Moon Rites Archive

Here you’ll find the archive of my Moon Rites newsletter since its inception. From time to time, I may exclude emails that are too raw or too personal to be shared, so please subscribe to make sure you receive my heartfelt letters every new and full moon.

2021 November 6 Rest, release, rebirth
2021 October 6 Making it through the semester
2021 August 8 Do people value your care?
2021 July 10 I made you a video
2021 June 10 Resources to support your writing
2021 May 12 Your writing is brilliant
2021 April 12 Finding hope and healing
2021 March 29 Another moon, another heartbreak
2021 March 13 Surviving dominator culture
2021 February 27 Remaking the world
2021 February 12 Happy Lunar New Year! 🧧
2021 January 29 Decolonization is not a metaphor
2021 January 13 Reckoning with white backlash
2020 December 30 Welcoming the year ahead with softness
2020 December 15 You are perfect
2020 November 30 🌞 Raising your solar power
2020 November 15 How are you caring for yourself?
2020 October 31 🙋🏻‍♀️ I started a blog…

Featured image by Griffin Wooldridge